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UK Income Fund

Investment Objective

The Unicorn UK Income Fund aims to provide a high and rising income from a portfolio of UK equities. The ACD may also invest at its discretion in other transferable securities, money market instruments, deposits, cash and near cash and collective investment schemes.

Investment Policy/Strategy

The strategy is run a diversified portfolio up to 50 investments with a small to mid cap bias. Companies should be dividend paying with the potential to grow.


Fraser Mackersie
Simon Moon

Fund Facts

Fund Size – £m: 
557.29 (30 September)
Number of holdings: 43
Launch date: 24/05/2004
IA Sector: UK Equity Income
Dividend Dates: 31/03, 30/06, 30/09, 31/12
Dividend pay Dates: 31/05, 31/08, 30/11, 28/02
Valuation Point: 10:00 forward
Domicile: UK
Financial year end: 30-Sep


Top 10 Holdings

Updated 30/09


% of Fund



BBA Aviation


Phoenix Group




Primary Health Properties


Polar Capital


4Imprint Group




Hill & Smith


Secure Trust Bank




Sector Breakdown

Updated 30/09


% of Fund

Financial Services






Building & Construction


Logistics & Transportation




Travel & Leisure




Software & Computer Services






Market Cap breakdown

Updated 30/09

Market Cap breakdown


No of companies






















Dividend History

Unicorn UK Income Retail A Shares Accumulation

Dividend Type Dividend Amount Ex Dividend Date Payment Date
Quarterly 4.0330 01/07/18 31/08/18
Quarterly 2.0287 01/04/18 31/05/18
Quarterly 2.6456 02/01/18 28/02/18
Quarterly 3.4669 01/10/17 31/11/17
Quarterly 4.4246 01/07/17 31/08/17
Quarterly 1.6217 01/04/17 31/05/17
Quarterly 2.2092 01/01/17 28/02/17
Quarterly 2.8046 01/10/16 30/11/16
Quarterly 4.0531 01/07/16 31/08/16
Quarterly 2.0574 01/04/16 31/05/16
Quarterly 2.3601 01/01/16 27/02/16
Quarterly 2.5756 01/10/15 30/11/15
Quarterly 3.7153 01/07/15 31/08/15
Quarterly 1.0526 01/04/15 31/05/15
Quarterly 1.8672 01/01/15 27/02/15
Final 7.2850 01/10/14 30/11/14
Half Year 4.3921 01/04/14 31/05/14

Unicorn UK Income Institutional B Shares Accumulation

Dividend type Dividend amount Ex dividend date Payment date
Quarterly 4.3622 01/07/18 31/08/18
Quarterly 2.1907 01/04/18 31/05/18
Quarterly 2.8521 02/01/18 28/02/18
Quarterly 3.7311 01/10/17 30/11/17
Quarterly 4.7503 01/07/17 31/08/17
Quarterly 1.7377 01/04/17 31/05/17
Quarterly 2.3628 01/01/17 28/02/17
Quarterly 2.9911 01/10/16 30/11/16
Quarterly 4.3244 01/07/16 31/08/16
Quarterly 2.1895 01/04/16 31/05/16
Quarterly 2.5052 01/01/16 27/02/16
Quarterly 2.7295 01/10/15 30/11/15
Quarterly 3.9292 01/07/15 31/08/15
Quarterly 1.1120 01/04/15 31/05/15
Quarterly 1.9677 01/01/15 27/02/15
Final 7.6528 01/10/14 30/11/14
Half Year 4.5967 01/04/14 31/05/14

Unicorn UK Income Retail A Shares Income

Dividend type Dividend amount Ex dividend date Payment date
Quarterly 3.2732 01/07/18 31/08/18
Quarterly 1.6579 01/04/18 31/05/18
Quarterly 2.1799 02/01/18 28/02/18
Quarterly 2.8883 01/10/17 30/11/17
Quarterly 3.7431 01/07/17 31/08/17
Quarterly 1.3780 01/04/17 31/05/17
Quarterly 1.8946 01/01/17 28/02/17
Quarterly 2.4340 01/10/16 30/11/16
Quarterly 3.5747 01/07/16 31/08/16
Quarterly 1.8298 01/04/16 31/05/16
Quarterly 2.1171 01/01/16 27/02/16
Quarterly 2.3339 01/10/15 30/11/15
Quarterly 3.4156 01/07/15 31/08/15
Quarterly 0.9708 01/04/15 31/05/15
Quarterly 1.7376 01/01/15 27/02/15
Final 6.9960 01/10/14 30/11/14
Half Year 4.2945 01/04/14 31/05/14
Final 4.7363 01/10/13 30/11/13
Half Year 2.2065 01/04/13 31/05/13
Final 3.6840 01/10/12 30/11/12
Half Year 2.5710 01/04/12 31/05/12
Final 4.5240 01/10/11 30/11/11
Half Year 2.3380 01/04/11 31/03/11
Final 2.6160 01/10/10 30/11/10
Half Year 3.1500 01/04/10 31/05/10
Final 3.2130 01/10/09 30/11/09
Final 6.1370 01/04/08 30/11/08
Final 7.0260 01/10/07 30/11/07
Final 4.7790 01/10/06 30/11/06
Final 4.1940 01/10/05 30/11/05
Final 1.4700 01/10/04 30/11/05

Unicorn UK Income Institutional B Shares Income

Dividend type Dividend amount Ex dividend date Payment date
Quarterly 3.5420 01/07/18 31/08/18
Quarterly 1.7915 01/04/18 31/05/18
Quarterly 2.3509 02/01/18 28/02/18
Quarterly 3.1097 01/10/17 30/11/17
Quarterly 4.0188 01/07/17 31/08/17
Quarterly 1.4794 01/04/17 31/05/17
Quarterly 2.0272 01/01/17 28/02/17
Quarterly 2.5953 01/10/16 30/11/16
Quarterly 3.8140 01/07/16 31/08/16
Quarterly 1.9477 01/04/16 31/05/16
Quarterly 2.2488 01/01/16 27/02/16
Quarterly 2.4744 01/10/15 30/11/15
Quarterly 3.6139 01/07/15 31/08/15
Quarterly 1.0274 01/07/15 31/05/15
Quarterly 1.8319 01/01/15 27/02/15
Final 7.3510 01/10/14 30/11/14
Half Year 4.4977 01/04/14 31/05/14
Final 4.9364 01/10/13 30/11/13
Half Year 2.2944 01/04/13 31/05/13
Final 3.8140 01/10/12 30/11/12
Half Year 2.6510 01/04/12 31/05/12
Final 4.6870 01/10/11 30/11/11
Half Year 2.3390 01/04/11 31/05/11
Final 3.7580 01/10/10 30/11/10
Half Year 1.2100 01/04/10 31/05/10
Final 3.2680 01/10/09 30/11/09
Final 6.2250 01/10/08 30/11/08
Final 6.9660 01/10/07 30/11/07
Final 4.8060 01/10/06 30/11/06
Final 4.2000 01/10/05 30/11/05
Final 1.4694 01/10/04 30/11/04

Unicorn UK Income Overseas O Shares Income

Dividend type Dividend amount Ex dividend date Payment date
Quarterly 1.3589 01/07/18 31/08/18
Quarterly 0.6883 01/04/18 31/05/18
Quarterly 0.9050 02/01/18 28/02/18
Quarterly 1.1990 01/10/17 30/11/17
Quarterly 1.5527 01/07/17 31/08/17
Quarterly 0.5732 01/04/17 31/05/17
Quarterly 0.7865 01/01/17 28/02/17
Quarterly 1.0107 01/10/16 30/11/16
Quarterly 1.4850 01/07/16 31/08/16
Quarterly 0.7598 01/04/16 31/05/16
Quarterly 0.8789 01/01/16 27/02/16
Quarterly 0.9677 01/10/15 30/11/15
Quarterly 1.4176 01/07/15 31/08/15
Quarterly 0.4037 01/04/15 31/05/15
Quarterly 0.7215 01/01/15 27/02/15
Final 2.9068 01/10/14 30/11/14
Half Year 0.3532 01/04/14 31/05/14

Unicorn UK Income Overseas O Shares Accumulation

Dividend type Dividend amount Ex dividend date Payment date
Quarterly 1.6126 01/07/18 31/08/18
Quarterly 0.8117 01/04/18 31/05/18
Quarterly 1.0583 02/01/18 28/02/18
Quarterly 1.3871 01/10/17 30/11/17
Quarterly 1.7706 01/07/17 31/08/17
Quarterly 0.6474 01/04/17 31/05/17
Quarterly 0.8837 01/01/17 28/02/17
Quarterly 1.1205 01/10/16 30/11/16
Quarterly 1.6237 01/07/16 31/08/16
Quarterly 0.8231 01/04/16 31/05/16
Quarterly 0.9442 01/01/16 27/02/16
Quarterly 1.0303 01/10/15 30/11/15
Quarterly 1.4864 01/07/15 31/08/15
Quarterly 0.4214 01/04/15 31/05/15
Quarterly 0.7468 01/01/15 27/02/15
Final 2.9151 01/10/14 30/11/14
Half Year 0.3488 01/04/14 31/05/14

Share class information

Share Class Information Retail “A” Shares Institutional “B” Shares Overseas “O” Shares Retail “A” Shares Institutional “B” Shares Overseas “O” Shares
Launch Date 24/05/2004 24/05/2004 28/2/2014 28/05/2013 28/05/2013 28/02/2014
Initial Charge 5.50% 2.50% 5.50% 5.50% 2.50% 5.50%
Annual Charge 1.50% 0.75% 1.50% 1.50% 0.75% 1.50%
Ongoing charges 1.55% 0.80% 1.55% 1.55% 0.80% 1.55%
Sedol Code B00Z1S9 B00Z1R8 BJTMQB2 B9XQFW4 B9XQFY6 BJTMQ90
Initial Investment £2,500 £100,000 £10,000 £2,500 £100,000 £10,000
Income/ Accumulation Income Income Income Accumulation Accumulation Accumulation

Application forms and KIIDs

A Accumulation Shares

A Income Shares

B Accumulation Shares

B Income Shares

O Accumulation Shares

O Income Shares

KIID UK Income Fund A Accumulation Shares UK Income Fund A Income Shares UK Income Fund B Accumulation Shares UK Income Fund B Income Shares UK Income Fund O Accumulation Shares UK Income Fund O Income Shares
Application Form Application-Form-A Application-Form-A Application-Form-B Application-Form-B Application-Form-O Application-Form-O
NISA Application Form NISA-Application NISA-Application
NISA Transfer NISA-Transfer-Form NISA-Transfer-Form
NISA Terms & Conditions NISA-Terms-Conditions NISA-Terms-Conditions


Issued by Unicorn Asset Management Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The value of an investment, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise as result of market and currency fluctuations and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Investment in the securities of smaller and/or medium sized companies can involve greater risk than is customarily associated with investment in larger, more established companies. The market for securities in smaller companies is often less liquid than that for securities in larger companies, meaning above average price movements both positive and negative can be expected.

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