Fund Management

Anam Ajani CFA

Investment & ESG Associate

Andrew Davey

Portfolio Manager

Chris Hutchinson

Director & Portfolio Manager

Cordelia Tahany

Head of Sustainability & Senior Investment Analyst

Fraser Mackersie

Portfolio Manager

Max Ormiston CFA

Portfolio Manager

Peter Walls

Portfolio Manager

Simon Moon

Portfolio Manager

Operations, Risk & Compliance

Alisdair Hinton

Director of Operations

Jaimin Patel IRMCert

ESG, Risk and Investment Executive

Romana Hoque

Compliance Manager

Philip John

Finance Director and Compliance Officer

Simon Correya IRMCert

Risk Officer and Financial Controller

The Consulting Consortium

Independent Oversight

Non-Executive Directors

Paul Harwood

Non-executive Director

Peter Dicks

Non-Executive Chair

Richard Fitzalan Howard

Non-Executive Director

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